On this page, you will find a list of the publications I significantly contributed to. If you would like to use some of the figures from my publications/presentations (e.g., for illustration in a presentation), please do not hesitate to contact me for a high resolution version or a modified version for your personal needs.

Figure: Statistics on the incidence of exozodiacal dust around nearby main sequence stars. Left: VLITI/PIONIER survey and CHARA/FLUOR survey separate. Right: Combined sample (Ertel et al. 2014, A&A, in press).

First author publications:

  • An Unbiased Near-infrared Interferometric Survey for Hot Exozodiacal Dust
    Ertel, S., Augereau, J.-C., Absil, O., et al., 2015, Invited review of our paper (Ertel et al. 2014, A&A 570) for the ESO Messenger (ESO, arXiv)
  • A near-infrared interferometric survey of debris-disc stars. IV. An unbiased sample of 92 southern stars observed in H-band with VLTI/PIONIER
    Ertel, S., Absil, O., Defrère, D., et al., 2014, A&A 570 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Potential multi-component structure of the debris disk around HIP 17439 revealed by Herschel/DUNES
    Ertel, S., Marshall, J. P., Augereau, J.-C., et al., 2014, A&A 561 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Exozodiacal Dust
    Ertel, S., Augereau, J.-C., Thébault, P. et al., 2014, Proceedings of the IAU Symposium 299 (Proceedings web page)
  • Observing planet-disk interaction in debris disks
    Ertel, S., Wolf, S. & Rodmann, J., 2012, A&A 544 (A&A, arXiv)
  • A peculiar class of debris disks from Herschel/DUNES. A steep fall off in the far infrared
    Ertel, S., Wolf, S., Marshall, J. P., et al., 2012, A&A 541 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Modeling the spatial structure of debris disks: Simultaneous multi-wavelength modeling and predictions on the observability of planet-disk interaction
    Ertel, S., 2012, PhD Thesis, CAU Kiel (University library)
  • Multi-wavelength modeling of the spatially resolved debris disk of HD 107146
    Ertel, S., Wolf, S., Metchev, S., et al., 2011, A&A 533 (A&A, arXiv)

Figure: Simulated observations of planet-disk interaction in a debris disk (Ertel et al. 2012, A&A 544).

Publications as co-author:
(highlights only, as of Feb. 2016 my total number of refereed publications is 36):

  • Constraints on the circumstellar dust around KIC 8462852
    Thompson, M. A., Scicluna, P., Kemper, F., (w/ Ertel, S.), et al., 2015, MNRAS, in press (arXiv)
  • Collisional modelling of the AU Microscopii debris disc
    Schüppler, Ch., Löhne, T., Krivov, A. V., Ertel, S., et al., 2015, A&A 581 (A&A, arXiv)
  • An extreme-AO search for giant planets around a white dwarf. VLT/SPHERE performance on a faint target GD 50
    Xu, S., Ertel, S., Wahhaj, Z., et al., 2015, A&A 579 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Searching for faint companions with VLTI/PIONIER. II. 92 main sequence stars from the Exozodi survey
    Marion, L., Absil, O., Ertel, S., et al., 2014, A&A 570 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Interpreting the extended emission around three nearby debris disc host stars
    Marshall, J. P., Kirchschlager, F., Ertel, S., et al., 2014, A&A;nbsp;570 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Herschel's "Cold Debris Disks": Background Galaxies or Quiescent Rims of Planetary Systems?
    Krivov, A. V., Eiroa, C., Löhne, T., (w/ Ertel, S.), et al., 2013, ApJ 772 (ApJ, arXiv)
  • A near-infrared interferometric survey of debris-disc stars. III. First statistics based on 42 stars observed with CHARA/FLUOR
    Absil, O., Defrère, D., Coudé du Foresto, V., (w/ Ertel, S.), et al., 2013, A&A 555 (A&A, arXiv)
  • DUst around NEarby Stars. The survey observational results
    Eiroa, C., Marshall, J. P., Mora, A., (w/ Ertel, S.), et al., 2013, A&A 555 (A&A, arXiv)
  • Planet Signatures in Collisionally Active Debris Discs: scattered light images
    Thebault, P., Kral, Q., & Ertel, S. 2012, A&A 547 (A&A, arXiv, better quality figures, animations corresponting to Fig. 10)
  • Modelling the huge, Herschel-resolved debris ring around HD 207129; Löhne, T., Augereau, J.-C., Ertel, S., et al., 2012, A&A 537 (A&A)
  • Resolving the cold debris disc around a planet-hosting star. PACS photometric imaging observations of q1 Eridani (HD 10647, HR 506)
    Liseau, R., Eiroa, C., Fedele, D., (w/ Ertel, S.), et al., 2010, A&A 518 (A&A, arXiv)

Figure: Figure: Multi-wavelength fit to the HST, CARMA and photometric data of the HD 107146 employing a two-component model (Ertel et al. 2011, A&A 533).