Hello! My name is Steve Ertel, I'm an astrophysicist and post-doctoral fellow at ESO with duties at the Paranal Observatory (VLTI). I'd like to welcome you on my professional website and to thank you very much for your interest.

My field of research is the formation and evolution of planetary systems. In particular, I'm working on debris disks (dust and planetesimal disks around main sequence stars), exozodiacal dust (warm and hot dust around main sequence stars), and their connection to and interaction with possible planets in these systems. My work focuses on (but is not limited to) imaging observations of debris disks in all wavelength regimes, near-infrared interferometric observations of exozodiacal dust, and the simultaneous modeling of all available data of debris disks (mostly using analytical models). I'm an active member of the Herschel/DUNES team and the EXOZODI team.

As a side project I am also interested in the evolution of planetary systems beyond the main sequence and in particular in direct imaging search for planets around white dwarfs.

A few colleagues and I are organizing a satellite meeting about exozodiacal dust for the "Pathways towards habitable planets" conference, Jul. 13 to 17 2015 in Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. Steve Ertel
European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Alonso de Cordova 3107, Vitacura,Casilla 19001, Santiago, Chile
e-Mail: sertel@eso.org
Skype: steve_ertel (
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